Cycling update:

A brief update on my cycling.

I’d been doing a bit of cycling whilst the lockdown was in place, which was great fun and my fitness definitely got better! However, it was giving me pretty bad back, shoulder and sciatic pain. After my last 30 mile ride, I could barely put weight on my right leg because of the nerve pain. We changed the position quite a bit but nothing seemed to help it really, so in the end, I decided to schedule a doctors appointment.

It had to be on the phone because of Corona, and I’m not very happy with what he said. Long story short, I’ve got to stop cycling for 3-4 weeks and let everything heal, before I can start back again with a different position.

This is super annoying as I was really enjoying cycling with my dad, and I could really see the benifits.

Fingers crossed I can do it in 3 weeks without being in pain! Until then it’s sailing and weight training.



Back to Blith!

So Wednesday the 3rd June marked the restart sailing at Blithfield!

Thank you to all of those at Blithfield working hard with South Staffs Water to allow us access to the club! It’s been a long wait, and we lost all of the beautiful weather, but it’s been great to get back sailing on a bigger body of water.

The sailing is resumed with buddy sailing in place, if you are a member of Blithfield SC we have a Whatsapp group which is used for finding a sailing buddy, please contact me if you would like to be added to the group!

I was so excited on Wednesday! Getting changed outside wasn’t that bad, even though it was raining. I didn’t record on Strava so not sure how far we went, we were out there for over 3 and a half hours though. It was great fun! Over the course of the evening, there were 18 boats out, all observing social distancing of course. We even managed 2 short races, even though the wind had dropped by this point.

Photo Credit Tim Male @Blithfield SC 

Thursday 4th June 

Another windy and wet day at Blith! I got rigged then got changed in Andy’s van this time, which was way better, I think I’ll need a van next, haha.

I did Strava record this time! I did 7.9 NM which is about 9 normal miles. I had an average speed of 5 knots, which includes launching, landing and some stops on the water so it’s not that bad. I also got a max speed of 9.9 knots, which I’m guessing was on the reaching. I would say the wind was about 12-15 knots.

Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 09.20.11

Not as many boats today, David was in his new Supernova for the half, and me and Dan (RS600) stayed out for the whole hour and 40 mins. Before I had to come in for a Squad zoom call.


It was a great sail, the car is going for an MOT Friday, so fingers crossed it passes so I can sail on Saturday, it’s looking breeze B)


Fitting Isea out!

Saturday 30th May

So when we got home, my Dad and Grandad came up to the club to have a look at the boaty. Dad brought some sealer and screwdriver to put the XD kit onto the boat. I spliced the traveller and decided to leave the rest for the next day, in order to let the sealer dry. It was pretty dirty from being sat outside for that long.

Couldn’t stay away for long! I left at 6 to go and get some dinner and came back at 8 to give it a quick clean. Aunty Karen had a look, as did mum and Andy. I gave it a little rinse just to get the main bits off before I clean it properly in the morning.

Sunday 31st May

So the next morning I headed to the club to give the deck a quick scrub, it had a few ingrained marks as it had been sat outside for so long, anyway, it soon cleaned up! I will polish it when we can go to Blithfield on Wednesday, as there’s a hosepipe and more room there.

Then the set up started, I was mainly mapping things out, lots of rough things. I had a few issues with the Outhaul, but Andy and Matt helped and I soon had a solution.

Monday 1st June

Uni assignment deadline, so I didn’t get to work on the boat, just went to check on it later in the evening.

Tuesday 2nd June

I spend this morning splicing the blocks together and re-roping the kicker. I eventually got a sail in during the afternoon, did a few laps against Andy in a Phantom, it was great fun 🙂

Ordered some new blocks from Sailing Chandlery, I will be making a post about my rigging once everything is sorted and made permanent, but for now, it works and I can sail 🙂

NEW BOAT – 216002

Hello All,

I have some very exciting news! As you may have seen I have just picked up a new boat!

Everything has been delayed because of the virus, but eventually, we got there. Now, allow me to tell the story of how I got the new boaty…

I started looking just before the Lockdown happened in March, I had an offer on 171861 and decided to take it. Since sailing was going to be very uncertain, I thought it would be the best time to be boatless, as my peers could not sail either.

I had a boat (1) lined up to look at after the lockdown ended, it was a good deal, hadn’t been sailed much, I had my heart set on this one. In the meantime, another one came up, boat (2) which was a better deal than the one previously, I was going to look at both once the lockdown ended, I would have liked to get number 2 straight away, but as I had already agreed to look at/buy number one I said I’d like to wait and view them both. Anyway number 2 sold, which didn’t surprise me as it was a great deal. Anyway, towards the end of the lockdown, I got an email from boat number 1 sailing they had sold it. Great, all hopes of a new boat dashed and I had just saved up enough!

The hunt continued, the day after my birthday I decided to put a post on the Facebook Dinghies and Dinghy bits group, I had quite a few replies. I was hoping for third-time lucky, and boy was this lucky! The stars must have aligned and a miracle happened!

Helen messaged me, saying she had a brand new boat that was purchased in 2019 but had never been used. Brand new in the packet! 😮

So anyway, this boat sounded perfect, it had everything I wanted, it was brand new, a great number, all for a great price, so I just had to get it. We had to take a while for a while as the club was still closed like many, but eventually, on the 30th ofMay, we were allowed to move!

It took about 2 hours to get there which wasn’t that bad, anyway I parked up and met Helen at the boat, it was perfect! Had everything, a new sail, new rudder, new tiller and extension. Wow! We had a lovely chat, I paid the monies and it was time to pack up.

I was originally going to leave it in the wrapping but decided to take it off as it was full of spiders and my undercover would not fit on it. Anyway, it was soon packed up and ready for home! Time to fit it out! IMG_4961

So that’s the story of how I got my boat of a lifetime. I’d like to give a huge thank you to Helen ❤ The boat is perfect and I love it so much already, I can’t wait to get sailing again! This is really life-changing, and im so thankful for the opportunity! 171861 got me so far, I’m hoping 216002 will take me even further!

Finger crossed!

Lydia xx


Exciting times

Hello all!

I’ve been pretty quiet on here recently, I’ve had to stop cycling until I can figure out what’s wrong with my back/shoulder.  Strangely enough, I’ve been sailing twice (YAY) since I’ve been cycling and my back/shoulder was fine! It’s a huge relief that I can still sail and not be in pain.

Anyway, as mentioned above I’ve been sailing twice this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Still no boat (UPDATE NEXT WEEK), so I’ve been sailing a Phantom for a couple of hours each day. It’s been fun! I can’t wait to get back on the Laser/ILCA though!

I’m hoping Blithfield will open soon then I can get back to sailing on a bigger lake. Not sure on what date yet though. I’m also hoping to get a boat pretty soon, so look out for the post about that! I’m so excited already.

I’ve also had my Laser Tattoo for a whole year today! Still happy with it, I love the class more than ever and I can not wait for this next step!

171861 also went off to her new home, I will be writing a post dedicated to our 2 years together once I have all of my Uni assignments sorted, so keep an eye out for that also!

Are you back on the water yet? =D


Lydia x


Cycling week 3

This week didn’t start as promptly as I would have liked! After hurting my back on a previous ride I had to have a few days off 😥

Wednesday 6th May

The first ride back! I put my seat down and it felt much better! I went with dad after work again, we did 21.42 miles. We averaged 13.4 mph which is good for me, it only had an elevation gain of 1,359 though, so clearly, we didn’t push hard enough. I also managed to get a 3rd in one of the Strava segments which is fun.

Thursday the 7th May 

I went for a ride on my own, trying to find that route with the pretty view of Rudyard lake like before, however, I was setting off from a different place. I really didn’t know the way and ended up getting lost. I also saw a stray cow which tried to eat me and the bike. According to my Strava, my back and shoulder were hurting again. Oh, dear!

Saturday the 9th May 

My boat was picked up and taken to its new home on the 8th May so I had to skip a day to meet the courier and pack the boat up, so my next ride was Saturday. I started with a ‘sprint’ to dads, in the 5.3 miles I averaged 15.3mph which isn’t quick for propper cyclists.  Only a 270ft elevation gain also!

Once I met dad we did another 21.73 miles, with an elevation gain of 1,555. So I did 27 miles basically. Which is good as I’m wanting to go further now 🙂 We had a terrible average of 11.9 mph for this part as I had to stop towards the end due to terrible stomach cramps. I’m honestly having no luck with this whole cycling thing, we were 10 miles away from home and I peddled back in tears before getting home and lying on the floor until I managed to sleep, it had worn off by the time I woke up 30 mins later. Love that. It’s to say I’ll be more cautious when riding during ‘the wrong time of the month’ (TMI  I know, but you’d be worried if I was just having random terrible stomach cramps).

So week 3 ended with Disaster again XD


Goodbye,​ 171861!

So today I said goodbye to one of my best friends.

I know the new boat will help me improve and get better, and hopefully be more competitive, despite this nothing will provide me with the progression 171861 has. It’s going to be rather strange writing my new number down for events.

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This brief slide show covers a few of my favourite memories with White Noise. From the 12th May – the 22nd March, you made me the happiest I’d ever been! Thank you also to my wonderful Nan and Grandad who made this possible ❤

I hope you teach those children in Denmark how to sail as well as you have taught me… ❤


8th May when she got taken away.